Over one million new and resharpened carbide tools in stock!
Hobby lovers or professional technicians: the perfect drill bit is a click away!
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Get high quality small to large tungsten carbide tools made of micro grain tungsten carbide.

These precision carbide tools are extremely durable and ideal for aerospace, optical, dental, model trains, hobby, micro machining, precision machining, cnc machining, jewelry, engraving, wood working and printed circuit board manufacturing(PCB).

Drill Bit City's resharpening facility offers an inexpensive alternative for high or low tech applications.

After drill bits and carbide end mills are resharpened, they pass inspection and are ultra-sonically cleaned for maximum performance.

Drill Bit City is a family owned and operated facility that is located in the heart of the midwest: Chicago, Illinois.

Monthly Specials!
Discounted tungsten carbide tools!

Drill Bits
Small to large multi-purpose drill bits of varying hole diameters for optical, hobby, jewelry and PCB use.

Micro Drill Bits
Stronger geometry for excellent hole allocation performance.

Multilayered Drill Bits
Carbide drill bit perfect for PCB fabrication of a multilayer printed circuit board. Optimal design with rigid geometry reduces cutting heat and eliminates hole smearing.

Resharpened Drill Bits
Inexpensive solution for low tech applications. Each resharpened bit passes inspection and is ultra-sonically cleaned for maximum performance.

End Mills
Premium surface finish for outstanding performance. Made of tungsten carbide and works great in PCB fabrication, CNC, engraving and personal hobbies.

Router Bits
Several types and styles for CNC machining and hand-held power tools. These carbide tools create burr-free paths through many materials.

Hobby Tools & Supplies
Pin vices, Exacto® blades, customized drill sets and rotary sets.

High Speed Tools
Wood working, machine or special shop power tools.

Tool Accessories
Ring setters, Identification Rings, Adaptor Collets, and Repointing machines.

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